TeRuRi – Existence and its Mode

Existence and its Mode


Green Pea Leaf

A huge dragon fly circling about a field.
A talon of hawk dancing in the sky.
Beauteous design can be discovered at
Every single leaf on planet including Green pea leaf.

The leaf has symmetric shape like a bird’s wing
The vine of green pea leaf has its mode
With beautiful figure.


White is the symbol of purity.
It is the reflection of mind without any stain.
Looking at the white, you will be mesmerized
by that silver snow color covering the field.

White has diversity, different modes of white.
Up to the angle of light,
White has changed its surface almost unlimited.

White is noble.
No lie in it.
When honesty has its exterior with color.
It is White coming up.

Pure white, like calla in white,
Can remove the whole distracting thought,
Re-sets the mind with purity like a child.

I love white
Because I know I am the one
Who is always with distracting thoughts,
Therefor I choose white as the most favorite of all.

Morning Glory

Tower of Babel

It is near the Tigris and Euphrates River,
Symbol of Mesopotamia
Today’s Iraq in the Middle East.

Spiral-shaped structure reminds me
Of the tower being told thousands years, east or west.

Alpine Black Swallowtail and Epiphyllum

Butterfly is the flower flying in the sky
Nymph of flower, circling around the field.
So flowers and butterflies love each other,
Competing its beauteous forms forever.

Why are these unique designs created?
What for? And why?

Like a huge bud in red of Epiphyllum,
It has been always unknown and there is mystical vale of secret
But one can sense why their uniqueness comes out with form of beauteous.


Boiling with rage―

Sepals protecting the bud bristle with anger.
Drawing in his chin, looking sharply at front,
Like Myo-ou, God of Fire, a wrathful deity,
Stands still to destroy evil things.

It is before he has a large scale flower in winter.

Beauty has strength within.
Without strength, there is no beauty.
Weak cannot bear perfection.

Celtis Sinensis

Japanese Hackberry, which grows 20m tall,
When child, extends her trunk with zigzag shape,
Perfectly calculated equality.

When grows, she has leafs, right and left, symmetrical,
As if Outspreading the arm,
welcoming all with smiles, blooming green color flowers.

This is the perfect example of the beauty of being.


Born in 1969, Fukuoka, Japan. After graduating university, TeRuRi had been pursuing photography at media industry for decades. Since around 2003, he had shown his interests in things nearby in daily life, which has led him to focus keenly on animals, plants and anything with its unique aesthetic forms. What is existence? What is time? Plato says the original design of being comes from Ideal world.Buddha teaches it comes from Nirvana, idealistic world. And Emerson adds Nature is the incarnation of a thought. TeRuRi has been trying to discover Truth spreading across the planet, East or West. That truth is called sometimes the law of God or eternal Buddha.


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