We will find out the PRESENCE OF THE ORIGINAL from chaos,
and we will create something enjoyable, helpful, exciting and beautiful things.
It’s our mission.

The name of our company comes from CREATION OF GOD in Latin language.

We are looking for an unseen quality behind,
and we hope to make the world graceful.

Company Profile

Company name: CREATIO LLC.

Location: 558-1 tetto#8, Okagami, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa, Japan 215-0027

Established: July 7, 2015

Capital: 2,000,000 yen

Board member: Gohji Suzuki (CEO)

Our business: Designing promotion and sales tools such as web sites, music, movies, App for smartphone, and printed materials. Management for special events and workshops.

Biography of President

Gohji Suzuki

He began his career in a computer company Digital Equipment Corporation(DEC) as a system engineer. And he joined “DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD UNIVERSITY” in charge of teaching Computer Graphics. He attracted attention with his project HOLOS ON held in the Exhibition CG Carnival in Tokyo in 2000, which can be said to be a pioneer in creative activity with social network. The project was movie production with use of Internet worldwide. Then he was invited to Japan Media Arts Festival to make a presentation. After that he joined a creative company DRAWING AND MANUAL as a web director and a music producer. Then he became an executive managing director of Equiple Inc,  and then he founded a company CREATIO LLC in 2015.


-Milano Design Award for Best EntertainingLexus – A Journey of the Senses” in charge of sound creation of exhibition.
-Mobile Ad Awards in Japan “Website of So-net(SONY) Promotion” in charge of the director.
-Tokyo Interactive Ad Award “Hot Pepper×Smap Promotion Website” in charge of the director.