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  • djp0002

    Meditation DVD II

    [one_half] It's a beautiful epics that usher in the era of new space age. Meditation DVD II has been released in 15 March 2016. Orginal Artwork has created by Arimitsu Ayanokohji who is Spiritual Artist. It's a space age trilogy, Flower of Life, Kongohki – The Divine Creature Of Gold, and Tree of Life with beautiful sounds. English-Japanese subtitles 38min. 


    Note: DVD format is NTSC (standard used in Japan, North America and most of South America). If you are living in other country, then you must check your DVD/Blu-ray player available multi-format. "PAL" is the video standard used in Europe, ASEAN, Middle East, Brazil, Australia and all that. 


  • DVD

    Meditation DVD 1

    綾小路有則氏の代表作である、「Wings of Victory」「Phoenix」「菩提樹の宙」の3作を、心地良い音楽と共に映像化。 字幕(日英バイリンガル)で瞑想ガイドが入っています。 [vc_btn title="光の瞑想DVD1・2 お得な2枚セットはこちら" color="sky" link="||target:%20_blank"] [vc_btn title="関連する記事" color="sky" link="||"]